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Here is a summary of the pros and cons of using a hosted service versus a client side tool.

Hosted Services

  • Pros
    • You do not need to install components locally and your machine is does not need to be connected to Windows Azure during import/export operations.
  • Cons
    • To import, you have to put your bacpac in an Azure Blobstore separately (the tool does not do it for you). Additionally, the Windows Azure SQL Database Import/Export unsurprisingly only works with Azure. If you need to import or export to an on premise database you must use the client side tools.

Client Side Tools

  • Pros
    • Works against on-premise SQL Servers as well as Azure. Additionally, also supports the file formats generated by the Import/Export Service so you can pass BACPACs back and forth between the client and the service.
  • Cons
    • You need to install several redistributable components on your local machine which will actually do all the work.

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