How to check what parameter is wrong?

Sep 1, 2011 at 12:31 PM

Hi all,

if I try to use cmd line tool and I mess up some of these parameters:

DacIESvcCli.exe -s -d AdventureWorkse –edition Web –size 1 -u MyAdminLogin -p MyPassword –bloburl -blobaccesskey MyKey -accesskeytype storage –i

It would be usefull if I would get some indication on what is wrong not just the help output:

Microsoft (R) DAC Import Export Sample version
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Command Line Parameters:
-H[elp] | -? Show this help text.
-X[export] Perform an export action.
-I[mport] Perform an import action.
-D[atabase] <database> Database name to perform the action on.
-F[ile] <filename> Name of the backup file.
-S[erver] <servername> SQL Server Name and instance.
-E Use Windows authentication
(not valid for SQL Azure)
-U[ser] User name for SQL authentication.
-P[assword] Password for SQL authentication.
-DROP Drop a database and remove the DAC registration.(*2)
-EDITION <business|web> SQL Azure edition to use during database creation.(*4)
-SIZE <1> SQL Azure database size in GB.(*4)
-N Encrypt Connection using SSL.
-T Force TrustServerCertificate(*6)
-EXTRACT Extract database schema only.
-DEPLOY Deploy schema only to database.

Sep 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM

It usually does provide some text if an argument is not what is expected, or if you are missing an argument.

From that command line it looks like you are not running the correct exe.  The current version is 1.2, and has other parameters.  That help actually looks like client side tool help output.  It doesn't support the service, you can perform import and export to sql azure but not through the service.  Notice there is no accesskeytype or bloburl parameters listed.

Even the client side tools are version 1.1, and usually output if there is an unexpected parameter or value.  Check and make sure you have the correct downloads.

This is the service version 1.2 download page